Saturday, June 4, 2016

a beginning | around here

around here // there's been a disruption in routine.  I've been travelling for almost two weeks and the house feels like its in disarray

around here // we have half painted walls and unfinished projects

around here // the lawn needs to be mowed for the first time this summer season. he ran out of gas in the front. a portion of the yard looks a lot like how my legs look when I forget to finish the other half.

around here // the kids + their friends run in and out with their shoes on, leaving doors open and clothes on the floor.

around here // our eight year old fridge is grumbling and whining as it lives its last couple weeks. A new fridge cannot come soon enough.  six weeks, they said.  six weeks.  All because I didn't want the freezer drawer.  I don't want the drawer.  It feels like I am throwing food in my junk drawer. I wouldn't have it.  So, here we are. week two of six weeks.

around here // i am doing a long awaited blog re-design

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