Tuesday, June 7, 2016

a rainy day bucket list | what to do in st. john's, newfoundland

You have a full day to tackle the world.

You are ready for a family weekend adventure.

It's raining.

You are not feeling like a fish today.
Get serious... I never do.

Let's do this.

A Rainy Day Bucket List || St. John's, Newfoundland

1. Movie Day
2. GeoCentre
3. Axtion
4. Clay Cafe
5. Fluvarium 
6. Railway Museum
7. The Rooms
8. PolkaDot Place, Seedlings or Brighter Futures playgroups (pre-school kids)
9. Family Swim: The Y, Summit, CBS Pool and Aquaria
10. Bowling at Paradise Bowl, Riverdale Lanes, St. Pats or Plaza Bowl
11. Chapters (Watch for story time)
12. The Little Gym and Cygnus Gymnastics Drop-in programs
13. Wall Climbing at Wallnuts
14. Play a board game at Mochaopoly
15. Play interactive games at Breakout NL
16. Pick out some books at the Arts n' Culture Centre Library

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