Thursday, August 4, 2016

Podcasts // loving right now

Since I became a grown up, I am starting to appreciate the quiet.  
When the kids are in bed and the TV is turned off, its like my head can breath again.

I put podcasts in that category somewhat.  It's a nice alternative to music and television.  When I go for a walk, I will often download a podcast to listen along the way.

I am into it.

The Simple Show // Tsh Oxenreider discusses many things but always with intention. She somehow she puts things in perspective for me.

Elise Gets Crafty // Elise Blaha's podcast often hits the nail on the head as she discusses her world of being a mom and running a home crafty business.

The Lively Show // Jess Lively finds a way to help me progress and certainly continue to be the best version of myself.

The Paperclipping Roundtable // This is a memory keeping podcast but it invites different guests to discuss telling their story and why.

Live Inspired // Tracie Claiborne chats with guests to bring you information about what inspires you.  This doesn't have to be necessarily in the DIY world.

There are so many more that I want to listen to like Being BossOne Bad Mommy and Ted Radio Hour but I don't have time for them yet.  What are you listening to and when?