Saturday, August 5, 2017

Splash n' Putt | What to Do With Kids

It's been a long time since I have set foot in Splash n' Putt but it's something I remember from childhood... and what I remember is passing it on the Trans Canada Highway on a regular basis. 

It was a blistering hot day in July and my family just finished an adventure in Terra Nova National Park.  This water park was exactly what we needed to finish off our mini vacation. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised and we definitely had a great time enjoying most things Splash n' Putt had to offer.

Location:// Located in Glovertown, just outside the west side of Terra Nova National Park. It's a solid two and a half hours from St. John's. See directions here: Splash n' Putt Directions.

Price:// While the price seemed steep in my mind at $190 for a family of four plus tax, considering the lack of similar acitivities on the island made it seem reasonable.  There are other options such as arriving after 3pm to a reduced price with unlimited rides or limiting yourself to the water portion of the park. You can see the Price List on the website here: Splash n' Putt Price List

What to Bring:// Although you may not want to carry anything around, there's definitely some things I would recommend.  There's plenty of green space and spots around the pool for you to store your belongings but I wouldn't recommend bringing your Sunday's Best or any valuables. And if you do forget anything in the car, it's not a big deal because the parking lot is not far and it's easy to go in and out.

1. Beach Towels
2. Flip Flops
3. Sunscreen
4. Beach Bag to carry all your belongings
5. Beach Chairs (although there's some around the pool, there aren't many so bring your own)
6. A water proof case for your phone
7. Change of Clothes (not neccessary if you want to just change in the car)
8. Water and Snacks: Many people brought pinics so make a day of it!

What to Do:// The park includes all of the following activities.  I would highly recommend doing the dry activities like the mini golf and go karts first but on a hot day you won't get too cold running around between the activities.

1. 360 Foot Water Slide:// This is fun for all ages!  This water slide does not splash into a huge pool so knowing how to swim is not a requirement.  This was a huge relief for my little one and my nerves.  My non-swimmer and I slid down in tantum and I listened to him giggling the whole way down.  I would have paid $50 just for that.  He loved it and went down several times.  On the day we went to Splash n' Putt, it was a busy day and we waited between 15 to 20 minutes each time.  It wasn't a big deal for us because the view of the water park and surrounding area was entertaining.

2. Swimming Pool + Splash Pad:// This is fun for all ages!  The Splash pad is set in a small pool of about a foot of water.  We loved every minute of it.  The Splash Pad is in the same area as the swimming pool. The problem in this area was the water was incredibly cold.  Apparently the heat pump was not working the week we arrived; however, upon hearing murmurs from the crowds this is an ongoing problem.

3. Go Karts:// All ages can ride but children under 10 years old and 52" must ride along with an adult. Helmets are provided and must be worn.  My husband and daughter waited for a good hour in this line.  The line is very fast if you are a single rider but there's only a couple go karts with double seats so they ended up waiting much longer than anticipated.  However, the course is long, windy and fun. They both had a blast!

4. Kiddy Go Karts:// Kids can ride above 42". There are only two vehicles. One vehicle allows two riders. They must wear helmets that are provided. While my son was tall enough and old enough, I can honestly say he had a "car accident" where he accidentally slammed on the gas and into a wall. His chest went into the steering wheel and he got a fright although he is completely fine.  Because of my experience while this looked fun for my seven year old, I would not recommend these go karts for children under 6 unless they are used to riding motorized vehicles with their feet and steering. 

5. Bumper Boats:// All ages can ride but any child under 7 years old and 42" cannot ride alone.  As an adult I found these boats difficult to maneuver.  I had to pull the cord to start the motor a couple times and I found that the motor was very hot on my leg.  For anyone riding with a child, put them on your left side.  It was fun though and you were on the boats for at least a couple minutes.

6. Bumper Cars:// This wasn't an activity that we did but it's not for kids under seven years of age or 46". It's inside and tucked away so it's easy to miss. Be sure to check it out!

7. Playground:// If all else fails, there's a playground for any kids not feeling the water. Yup. I've got a kid like that depending on the day of the week.

8. Mini Golf:// Grab your golf putter and ball when you enter but you can always come back and get your equipment when you are ready.

Other Things to Know://

1. There's a well equiped store if you forgot something.

2. Changing rooms and bathrooms are close to the entrance.  They weren't special in any way but they did the trick.  There was also a family changing room.

3. The park was clean and had lots of space to move. That's a big deal in my world.

4. Mary Browns is on spot for something to eat after the park but also during the park if you like.  You can go inside and bring out your food for a picnic in the park or you can eat inside the restaurant.  There is also a balcony to eat while watching your own family enjoy the waterpark. That's the best of both worlds. 

5. Ice Cream - oh yeah, no water park is complete without an ice cream cone and this location does not disappoint. 

Splash n' Putt exceeded my expectations.  I was expecting a run down unfulfilling amusement park but what I got was a clean area with entertainment for everyone.

Happy Adventuring!

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